KESHET & COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)


First and foremost our tefilos and berachos are that everyone is safe and healthy and we all continue to remain that way.

With the current situation fluid and unknown, we wanted to publicize our approach to this summer’s registration:

  • We are working hand in hand with Los Angeles Torah Day Schools, and specifically Emek. With Hashem’s help, as we gain clarity on our start and end dates (if they are to change) we will update you. Currently we are scheduling to begin the night of June 15th with a family Keshet Karnival & BBQ night for all Keshet FAMILIES. Meaning Kampers, siblings, and parents. More information to follow as we get closer. Our final day is currently schedule for July 31st (Friday)
  • We intend to be ready to accept registration beginning April 1st.
  • We do not have any intention to cause even the slightest increase in stress at this already stressful time. However, due to our limited space, once registration begins, we will have no choice but to offer the available slots in each division on a first come/first serve basis, with a $200 deposit.

As a result our commitment to you is the following:

  • We will not spend ANY OF THE DEPOSIT FUNDS PAID until we have clarity of our summer dates.
  • There will be NO PENALTY for asking for a refund FOR ANY REASON OR NO REASON until we announce our finalized dates. Once we do announce final dates, we will still give a 2 week refund period for anyone who needs deposits refunded FOR ANY REASON.
  • All deposits will be applied to the total camp fees regardless how a family chooses to arrange their summer plans. This means; If you originally enroll for 7 weeks (full camp time IY”H), and in the end due to the situation, decide to enroll for fewer weeks, your fees will be adjusted and your deposit applied to your balance. WITH NO PENALTY, PERIOD.
  • Once enrollment opens, we will offer the Early Bird price until AT LEAST May 1st. As we monitor the situation, and we have more clarity IY"H, we will reevaluate if the Early Bird price is extended.

We strongly suggest you join our email list on the homepage and read the emails we will send over the coming weeks so you are informed as we approach the summer months. Our tefilah is that Hashem should bring this situation to an immediate end and that Keshet can provide another wonderful summer in a Torah environment.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in choosing Keshet as YOUR son’s SUMMER HOME!

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